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  • Overview


    The Office for Admissions (OFAD) handles the admission of students to the different programs offered in the University (new  students, shifters and transferees). It seeks to attract academically talented students who will excel in the most challenging coursework available to them. For most programs in the University, emphasis is on the strength of the student’s intellectual capacity, achievement test results and accumulated performance records.


    The Office for Admissions (OFAD) was created in June 2002 as the department that shall plan, implement, monitor and update policies and procedures pertaining to student admission. It is headed by a Director who reports directly to the University Secretary-General (General Statutes Article 30 no. 5).


    Its mission is to provide the various colleges and faculties with catholic men and women who are intellectually and emotionally competent by marketing its various programs to prospective applicants.The OFAD services are anchored on the following objectives:

    1. Promote the Thomasian vision and mission of education, locally and internationally, vis a dynamic and systematic orientation program;
    2. Develop and strengthen the University’s ties with feeder schools;
    3. Ensure wider representation of applicants from various high schools in and outside the country;
    4. Attract best qualified applicants to the different academic programs offered by the University;
    5. Establish a research-based admissions scheme in the University;
    6. Implement an efficient and effective admission procedure.
    7. Use objective measures in assessing the applicant’s mental and academic characteristics in order to predict their success in the University;
    8. Perform regular upgrading of the USTET in terms of its psychometric properties;
    9. Establish more testing centers, both national and international; and
    10. Provide database for the administration’s educational planning and policy formulation.


    The Office for Admissions (OFAD) envisions herself as a globally competitive unit of the University, efficiently delivering its services to the various colleges and faculties in the context of the 3 C’s namely competence, commitment and compassion.

    Organizational Structure and Services OfferedThe Office for Admissions (OFAD), headed by a Director, is supported by five (5) staff namely:

    1. Office Assistant for Marketing
    2. Office Assistant for Application and Results
    3. Office Assistant for Examinations
    4. Office Assistant for Records/Documentation (ISO)
    5. Office Assistant for Technological Services The Office Assistant for Marketing takes charge of preparing the audio-visual presentation (AVP) and other related materials needed in marketing the various programs of the University.

    The Office Assistant for Application and Results makes sure that all documents needed prior to the issuance of a test permit are checked and submitted on time. USTET results are, likewise, released and delivered on time.

    The Office Assistant for Examinations is responsible for the safe-keeping and upgrading of all USTET materials, making sure that they all meet the required psychometric properties. Likewise, the assistant is in charge of training the proctors and supervisors.

    The Office Assistant for Records/Documentation takes charge of all ISO requirements in the Unit, monitors the supplies of the Unit. Safe-keeping of all equipment is likewise part of her responsibility.

    The Office Assistant for Technological Services takes charge of the encoding of the applicant’s grades, updating the website of OFAD and other pertinent procedures that requires the use of technology.

    Contact Information

    Office for Admissions (OFAD)
    Rm. 104, Tan Yan Kee Student Center
    University of Sto. Tomas España, Manila, Philippines

    Telephone:      (+632) 406.1611 loc. 8276  / (+632) 310.7211
    Mobile:      (+632) 905.352.1252
    Tele-facsimile  :      (+632) 310.7214